diy: Studded Denims

So I've been gawking at these studded denims from Free People for the longest time but being a broke college student, I knew those jeans would never make it to my closet... Plus, I was sick of asking my parents for "grocery" money;) 

While I was shopping around the U District, I stumbled upon these light washed jeans from a thrift store called Crossroads and realized it closely resembled the jeans from FP! I had a brilliant idea of studding them to create my own jeans without spending a kajillion $$$. I hope you enjoy this DIY inspired by Free People!

-Studs (I used brass studs that I ripped off of old jeans but you can also buy some here!)
-Old jeans

Due to limited amount of studs, I could only stud one side but it still looked rockin'. Here are the jeans from FP that I've had my eyes on for the longest time!

1. First, gather your studs. 

2. Straighten out the prongs of the studs using your pliers (notice in the top picture that the prongs are bent) You want them to look like this picture below. 

3. Start studding! It's really easy to do. Stick all 4 prongs into the jeans and using your pliers, press them down!

(I know it's hard to see because I can't focus for my life, but make sure the prongs are laying down flat!)

4. Continue to stud in desired pattern.

5. And voila! The results! I tried them on to see if there were any prongs poking up and there was one little booger poking me so I had to plier em down flatter!

I was too excited about my creation that I wore them the next day lol. My cousin (who's pictured below) bought the jeans from Free People and she said they are an exact replica of hers. She even asked me to make her some ;) Here are some pictures of me wearing the jeans! 

(Showing off my creation.)

(... at least one of us is smiling haha)


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