Maxi Skirt: A skirt reaching to the ankle.

(My favorite pair of earrings!)

(Thanks Alicia for taking this pic of me!)

Today was absolutely lovely! Who wouldn't take advantage of the big yellow thing we rarely see in the sky and wear a skirt? :) However, Washington weather is deceiving. It tricks you into believing that when the sun is out, it implies warm weather but that's not how Washington rolls during the Winter time, it forgets to mention that chilliness and cold breezes should also be taken into consideration. Hence, the maxi skirt and boots! I'm so excited that the long-skirt trend is all the rage nowadays, I've always been a sucker for the bohemian fad... 

ALSO! Did you notice the tagging on the last photo? Each article of clothing is tagged making blogging life so much... easier and prettier lol. Sophia Chou of PHOSPHENE created a website called Tag Loudly and she's absolutely brilliant for coming up with such a great addition to all bloggers around the world! By the way, it'll ask for an invite code, use this one: SOPHIA


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