sneak peak: feather extensions.

(It looked better sideways... don't judge.)

(White, turquoise, & brown/white combo)

Pocahontas prevails! Haha. Feather extensions are all the rage right now and we're seeing a lot of people including celebrities, showing off different colors of feathers in their hair. Sorry Ke$ha... you're not that original;) 

Feather extensions come in a variety of different colors and you get to call the shots of adding as little or as much feathers as you want. I got mine done at a cute little salon in Downtown Seattle called Swink. Installations and a selection of 3 different feather extensions summed up to $30, which is a great deal given the fact that other salons are charging $50 or more.

Anyways, what are you still doing here? Get yourself to Swink right now and let's see some feathers all up in that hair;)