Sock it to me baby!

Frilly, knee high, patterned, lacy, calf, ankle, thigh high socks, you name it! Heels have gained the greatest accomplice! After meeting Betsey Johnson last year, and having her comment on how much she loved my outfit and most especially my frilly socks with my clogs, (not bragging at all...hehe) I've been inspired to wear cute little girl socks with chunky clogs/heels any chance that I get! Plus, if you plan on wearing dominatrix-y shoes and want to tone them down a bit, pair it with a cute pair of lacy socks!

I recommend checking out American Apparel's sock collection along with Free People's! Great quality and a variety of different styles to choose from!

And of course... only I would find pictures of ONLY clogs worn with socks (don't worry people, socks can be worn with any pair of cute socks, I'm just obsessed with clogs... as if you already didn't know!)


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