Polyvore crazy!

So... went a little crazy creating my own outfits on this sweet site called polyvore (same site as the other collages I've previously made). Before I knew it, I ended up pulling articles of clothing from 7 different brands that I found most aesthetically pleasing. Naturally, I pulled clothing that I would most likely wear so if it's a little weird for you... put two and two together and realize that Jill=WEIRD. Enjoy lovelies!

(Asymmetric Silk-chiffon Tunic-$300, Bleached Denim Jacket-$240, Black Shorts-$200, Rider Low Boots-$482,)

(Nude Skirt-$2350, Platform Wedge-$535, Necklace-$530)

(Carrie Crochet Sweater-$188, Studded Cotton Shorts-$62, Studded Leather Flats-$228, Sunglasses-$420)

(Savannah Dress-$119, Blossom Boots-$70, Abbey Road Bag-$178, Chandelier Earrings-$34)

(Denim Shorts-$54)

(Shirt Jacket-$450, Shorts-$395, Socks-$12, Combat Heel-$495, Wool Fedora-$160)

(Sleeveless Shirt Dress-$66, Indigo Crop Jacket-$80, Blue Leather Clogs-$110, Crackle Wrap Ring-$25)

Writing in the price of each article was soooo painful... I always seem to gravitate towards the most expensive items! Why why why!? I wish I was a wizard... Instantly, I would befriend Hermoine so she and I can concoct a spell that would somehow make anything I see in the stores, online or on someone's body, appear in my closet in a simple swish of a wand... sigh. But inevitably, I'd probably annunciate the spell wrong and Hermoine would condescendingly whisper in my ear, "it's laviOsa, not laviooooosa" (refer above to Jill=WEIRD equation). Where was I getting with this again?

(Oh yeah...) P.S. take the poll at the bottom telling me which outfit you prefer to wear! 


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  1. can't decide on just one! i vote acne, jcrew and rag & bone!