Pablo Neruda

I wanted to take a short break from blogging about clothes and fashion to dedicate a blog to my favorite poet. Even if you've ceased to live Mr. Neruda, I hope you read this blog from heaven and write a poem about me (with the help of the man upstairs) and recite it to me when it's my turn to wait outside the pearly gates... haha!

Recently I've been obsessed with googling poems by Pablo Neruda. I don't know if I'm reminiscing or if I'm experiencing sporadic behavior from being an avid blogger thus exposing the "indie-ness" side of me that I never thought I had (inhale, exhale) BUT! I can't help myself! After countless years (four to be precise) of memorizing Pablo's poems for all my finals in my Spanish classes, I've grown to love everything and anything he's inscribed onto paper. The way he meticulously couples words together continues to amaze me. Even if a majority of his poems consist of a legion of stanzas and it was a pain in my ass memorizing word-for-word for each of my final, he's a terrific poet. Did I mention I had to memorize his poems in espaƱol?...He always has something to say about anything and everything, but unlike me, he's a little more articulate and poignant the moment he opens his mouth, haha. With that said, I would like to propose a toast to Pablo Neruda! Cheers or whatever the phrase may follow...

Now, get off my blog. Google poems by him. Memorize his poems and as soon he's grown on you, watch his quotes come alive in the film, Il Postino.


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