Cheers to another longgggggggggg night...

So much to do, yet so little time. Cliche. Whatever, I'm lame. Flat Pattern will be the death of me! Sewing. Crafting. Gluing. Basic agenda of today (in chronological order too!) Hey, I'm not really complaining. While you fools are studying your arses off for microbiology or chemistry (not hating... actually really envious of those who find interest in the medical field because we need more Jack Shephards out there!), I'm having the time of my life making clothes. My sewing machine has become my best friend for the past couple of weeks and I feel like Titus is starting to get jealous ;) Although it tastes like vinegar when the words Flat Pattern utter from my mouth, it's kinda cool to know that I'm making my own clothing without the help of ready-made patterns from Simplicity. Don't worry... after this quarter, there will be zero bitching or complaining about how terrible my life is. After all, what can possibly be worse than Flat Pattern Hell....? ;) 

(P.S. I'll post pictures up soon of my process and just how beautiful my muslin creations turned out (insert sarcasm here).)

(P.S.S. I noticed that in this blog that I'm obsessed with parenthesizing everything.  (WHAT) (THE) (HELL) (?))

Alright. I'm done. 

xoxo, Jill Marie

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