Internship @ Anthropologie

some behind the scenes footage... 

I never got a chance to share to you guys the photos from my internship at Anthropologie. Simply put, it was the best experience I landed being in college. I had so much fun designing the store windows as well as merchandising the whimsical home product and gorgeous clothing out on the floor. It was a great experience and I recommend it to anyone and EVERYONE who share a tendency to gravitate towards found objects and pretty much anything aesthetic. Anthropologie is infamous for its constant modifying of the floor and trust me, being behind the scenes of it all, is so rewarding. The only thing I recommend is being strong as an ox (just kidding, kinda) because this internship was pretty labor intensive. All these photos, my hands have done all the painting, sawing, sewing, stamping, merchandising, steaming, planting, gluing, cutting, drilling, folding... you name it, I did it! Domesticated ;)


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