(Wearing Anthropologie shorts, H&M knitted sweater, Cooperative flatforms from UO, and belt made by my friend, Naomi)

Summer is officially in session! Wooooo! Started the first day right way by going Downtown, finding the most amazing/convenient parking ever (yes... right in front of Pike), and spending time with my favorite, James! It was fun taking pictures (he told me not to put any of the pictures I took of him on my blog because they were so not fetch), shopping, and frolicking the streets of Seattle. 

Oh! And I just want to make note of the belt that I'm wearing... It was made by my friend, Naomi, who is an amazing designer! The clothes she's made are to die for! When I first saw this belt at the fashion show I modeled in, I had to HAVE it. It's the cutest little belt ever and I cannot wait to pair it up with more outfits! There were also other pieces created by her that I saw in the back but I had to calm myself before I bought everything;) You rock woman!

Anyways, I start my internship at the Downtown Seattle Nordstrom in 3 days... I'm prettyyyy flippin' excited.


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