Gotta get down on Friday, Friday, Friday

I feel so vain right now uploading a shit ton of pictures of myself haha. ANYWAYS hooray for it being Friday AND the Seattle sun beaming over Seattle! For once an angry cloud isn't hovering over us! Took advantage of the sun and took some shots with my lovely housemates. Some of these pictures were taken by Alicia, some by Elizabeth and some by yours truly! :) ENJOY lovelies! 

(P.S. you can click the pictures to make them bigger if you're interested in seeing some pores)

(Dizzy from spinning!)

(Elizabeth is amazing and took these awesome picturesss!)

(Elizabeth, so cute right now.)

(4/7 housies)

(Cuttteeeeee! I adore this picture.)

(Bahahahha I love her)

Welp! Time to paint the town red tonight! Dinner and a movie with my beau, Titusssss & company! ;) Maybe I'll pictures of tonight later on my blog? Who knows.

OH & here's a GIF of me attempting a "hardcore parkour" HAHA!


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