what does spring mean to me?

Fresh faces, shorts & dresses without leggings, floppy hats, strappy heels & sandals, tan lines (speaking for myself since I tan easily!), occasional pop ins by WA's long lost friend... Mr. Sun, bike rides, driving walking to and fro places, frozen yogurt, wind blowing through my hair, interning at Anthropologie, spring cleaning, visible bras under see-through blouses, frequent visits to my hideout in Discovery Park with Titus, picnics at Gasworks, laying blankets on grass with girlfriends, nude lipstick, fishtail braids, more feathers in my hair along with some added color, being barefoot, cherry blossoms blooming all over UW, lounging on hammocks, crop tops, minimal clothing, blooms, fruits, trips to Pike Place market, exploring new islands in Washington, mixing different colors together, henna, lemonade, one quarter away from summer/being a Senior in college the following year (scary!!), bonfires at Golden Garden, SOUNDERS GAMES (proud season ticket holder with my bf Titus!), different hues of blush, Kerry Park, tennis playin, etc... What does spring mean to you?

(Again, another one of my creations from polyvore!)
"You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep spring from coming." -Pablo Neruda. 

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