tie the knot

Over the weekend, I attended Titus' sister's wedding and it was such a beautiful & simple wedding! I didn't get a chance to capture any photos throughout the day given the fact that I didn't have my camera... BUT hopefully Titus can get a hold of any of the pictures taken by his relatives or by the professional photographers', that way I can share them with you :) 

This is what I wore:

(Free People dress)

(Steve Madden clogs)

I am absolutely in love with that Free People dress! I was a little afraid of wearing it because it's so Renaissance/medieval-esque but after receiving a lot of compliments at the wedding, I was so relieved lol. Somehow I always find dresses that people point out and say, "only you could pull that off Jill" but maybe... just maybe, that's just a nicer way of people subtly telling me that I choose bizarre dresses, HAHA.

Anyways, I was quite upset that my Jeffrey Campbell clogs didn't come in in time for the wedding but since I'm notorious for being a "clog whore," the Steve Madden ones were worn for dancing the night away (buuuuut not really, since my feet are pretty much vertical as soon as I put them on. I had to take several breaks sitting down to rest my feet before I was FORCED back onto the dance floor by Titus!)

Just a forewarning, you'll probably see me in this exact same dress for my cousin's wedding in July;)



  1. Thanks Sandy! It's my absolute favorite:)

  2. ah love it!! And babe you're so beautiful aaaa and love your blog!

  3. thank youuuu :) btw, that picture shown in that dress in this blog isn't me! haha she's gorgeous though;)