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Contrary to regular spring breakers who traveled to different places where an abundant supply of ultraviolet light from the Sun hit the surface of the land (foreign to us Seattle-ites), I spent my week in the good ol' 253, A-town (Auburn for those who didn't catch the ghetto lingo) haha. But it wasn't as bad as I thought it'd be. It re-pioneered (a new turn of phrase for you haha) my innovative side that I've always had, but was constricted due to the heap of work that followed me all winter quarter. Thus, I grabbed old clothes in my closet that have been collecting dust for the past couple of months, visited local goodwills or thrift stores to recreate hideous articles of clothing into semi-pleasant pieces, and went to Jo-Ann Fabrics to grab additional detailed decors to vamp up all the above items! This is the result of my spring break, which turned out to be pretty... well, pretty damn successful.

1. Studded pockets of denim shorts
(Studded these shorts! You can see my inspiration in the background... hehe)

2. Transformed an oversized dress into a crop top with my own touch of lace trimming
(A size large dress that I just had to buy in Oregon... come on, no tax! Who would say no to that?!)

(Bought some lace trimmings at Jo-Ann Fabrics)

(Cut the dress in half & sewed a 1/2" seam allowance so the bottom wouldn't fray)

(Then, I pinned the lace trimming to the bottom) 

(Voila! The bottom up close and personal)

(Transformed! I cannot wait to wear this when the Sun comes out!)

3. Altered high-waisted jeans from the 70's into shorts and added extra lace trimming to the back pockets
(The before... hot, I know)

(Tada! Crazy how much improvement scissors can do)

(Sewed on the lace)

(The results! Also cannot wait to pair this with a crop top, knee-high socks and some clogs!)

4. Took a long sleeve velour shirt and added large studs to the edge of the sleeves
(The before)

(After! I love this look. It's so medieval!)

5. Braided Bead Necklace

(This took me FOREVER to make since stringing the beads wasn't as easy as it looks. But after the stringing, everything was cake. This is a really easy DIY, check out the tutorial here and send in pictures of your creation!) 

AND... here are just a couple of jewelry organizer finds that I bought at goodwill to keep the shit load of jewelry I own, organized! 
(A bird designed necklace holder to accommodate the 'tree' jewelry holder behind it!)

(Snagged a regular glass bowl and used it as a ring holder, this makes it so much easier to find my rings and it's gives great aesthetic pleasure!)



  1. Oooo love love love! can't wait till I see them on you!

  2. You're so creative! I love all your creations (:

    ps. let's work on that presentation together in textiles if you don't have a partner already (:

  3. SO i typed in "jillustrations.blogspot.com" instead of your actual URL and i was disappointed to see these other random blogs that were NOT yours. I was getting frustrated because I tried alternate names of what your site would be! HAHA anyway, moral of the story: i'm bookmarking you, girl!

    I love your work and your ideas. You definitely made the right choice by becoming a Fashion major because it's so obvious you are heavily passionate! Thank God people like you exist. You LOVE what you do ...and do what you love ;]

    I only wish you the best and hope the world will seee your heart and soul someday!

    don't mind me if I become a comment whore on your site
    xOxO Verna

  4. Oh geez!! Best. Comment. Ever. & I will not be upset if you become a comment whore! You always leave the best comments anyway so I ain't complainin;)

    YOU ARE TOO FREAKING SWEET VERNA!! Thanks for your encouragement, people like you motivate me to keep doing what I love to do, so thank you so much for your being such a sweetheart!


    (p.s. and I feel like a celebrity for you to bookmark me!! weeeeeeee:))